Compact HPL

Ventilated Facade System

This is currently the most complete synthesis of characteristics that building exterior walls must have in order to ensure well-being inside a building.


Ventilated Facade System performs several functions at the same time providing the building numerous aesthetic & technical advantages:

Insulation material stays dry through the course of the year and retains unaltered heat preservation properties. Thus creates a favourable temperature condition of a building for every climate.

Increases protection against agressive influence of external environment i.e. atmospheric agents & following corrosion on the bearing wall.

Eliminates beat-bridges loading to energy saving.

This system comprises materials, which are classified as hardly combustible or incombustible. This prevents fire expansion in the case of fire.

Prevents greenhouse effect by eliminating of surface condensation (the pressure of an air gap facilitates evacuation of water stream from the interior & promotes the removal of possible moisture).

Reduction of outside noise by 10-20%.

No walls preliminary preparation is necessary in this system. Thus facade finishing works can be carried out at any time of the year.

Provides easy maintenance,repair & reinstallation procedure.

Creates a technical working space for pipe & duct housing. Thus V.F.S is ideal for rough, cracked or riven walls.

Increases the stabilty of the cladding material with no risk of breakage and detachments.

As the cladding materials can be replaced without any construction work so rapid & endless design possibilities are there with the system.